Ronda Rousey: What did the WWE megastar do to Becky Lynch after RAW went off the air? | WWE | Sport


Rousey turned heel and vented a year’s worth of frustrations to the WWE Universe as she feels she never got the respect she deserves after all the sacrifices she made for the business.

The RAW Women’s Champion is upset with the WWE crowd booing her and chanting for her rival Becky Lynch, who has taken a series of brutal shots against her in the last few months.

Rousey said: “You know what?

“I did everything I could, everything I could to respect this business.

“I work my a*s off and that exceeded every expectation.

“I poured my heart out and sacrificed my body for your entertainment.

“What did you do, huh?

“You booed me out of the Staples Center in Los Angeles, my home.

“You chanted for Becky while I’m out here working my a*s off to entertain you.

“You know what? No, I am done pretending.

“I am no longer here to entertain you.

“I would break Charlotte and Becky’s noses if I so much as sneeze in their direction, and you know it.

“No, I am not your dancing monkey. Not anymore.

“Damn your fantasies, damn The Man, screw the Woo, and no more Mrs Nice B***h.”

The UFC Hall of Famer then kicked Charlotte Flair out of the ring and brutalised Lynch with a series of punches, kicks and judo throws.

The Baddest Woman on the Planet then put her foe in the Armbar three times as Charlotte watched in shock from ringside.

After RAW went off the air a referee and a trainer tended to Lynch, who is still nursing a knee injury, but then Rousey returned to the ring and continued the assault with some more punches and kicks.

The MMA hero also launched an expletive-laden tirade to her nemesis while the ref struggled to separate them.

A minute later, The Rowdy One decided she was done and left The Man in pieces.

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