Roger Federer ‘worried’ about future after feud involving Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal | Tennis | Sport


The 54-year-old has overseen record growth while introducing the Next Gen Finals and the ATP Cup, a rival to the Davis Cup launching in January.

Speaking about the situation, which he and Nadal opposed, Federer told Tages Anzeiger: “You probably said it right – a little worried.

“I still feel the tour is going well, we have great matches, the prize money increased, stadiums are packed.

“ITF tries to be innovative, ATP as well, Laver Cup is going well. The tour’s profits are okay. Just the politics is around buzz.

“Some players disagree with each other, tournaments and players have not the same opinion.

“And that’s the state of mind – you cannot say explosive but there are some uncertainties.

“Someone says ‘that’s just a moment’. Let’s see what happens in the next months.

“It’s important to know where the tour is going, with who and how. There are a lot of open questions.

“Many [players] were behind Kermode. Not everyone has the same priorities.

“Someone mainly thinks about the money, others about the tournament’s schedule, others are more interested in the power, it’s always a big story.”

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