Paige: WWE star ‘APPALLED’ as Fighting With My Family star Florence Pugh slams critic | Films | Entertainment


The biopic – in which Pugh plays Paige – has picked up almost unanimously positive reviews, but the actress has called out a remark in one write-up in particular. The four-star critique of the comedy, published by a major UK newspaper, praises Pugh’s performance as the WWE superstar – but goes on to say she has “chunky thighs”.

In a tweet that has had more than 2,000 likes, Pugh wrote last night: “Oh dear. Singling out my ‘chunky’ thighs doesn’t help normalising an ‘all shape&size’ Hollywood.

“In fact that’s part of the problem.

“I do hope people take more away from the film than the circumference of my hams. @EveningStandard.”

When it was pointed out that the remark was perhaps not meant as an insult, Pugh clarified: “No ones upset because of the word ‘chunky’.

“Whether positive or negative there is totally no need in a film review to highlight how big OR small any part of my body is.

“Commenting on it like this doesn’t educate, it only highlights unnecessarily and that is why people are upset.”

Paige herself has tweeted saying she is “actually appalled”.

The full line in the review reads: “Though [Jack] Lowden’s performance is gorgeous, Pugh is the film’s main weapon.

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