LeBron James: Why is Lakers star not playing against Warriors after injury comeback? | Other | Sport


The superstar made his return from in the Los Angeles Lakers win over the LA Clippers on Thursday night.

James had missed 17 games previously, the longest stretch of games sat out in his career.

He suffered a groin strain on Christmas Day against the Warriors, and was initially feared that he could miss six games.

In his return, he played 40 minutes against the Clippers, scoring 24 points, nine assists and 14 rebounds.

The game went to overtime, meaning James was forced to play more minutes than he originally wanted to, and that is the reason given for the star missing out against the Warriors.

James will sit out the game due to ‘load management’, presumably the team doesn’t want the star to play more than he needs to right now and risk re-injuring himself.

Speaking after the game against the Clippers, James immediately suggested that he had felt the effects of his first game in more than a month.

“I wasn’t positive every day throughout this whole process,” he said after his comeback.

“I probably had more negative moments personally than positive.

“But when you’ve got a great support staff, it helps out a lot.

“There was times when I felt great and then a day or two later I didn’t feel so good.

“There were times when I thought I could come back faster and be back quicker than I came back now, but it just wasn’t reacting the right way.

“So I just had to be patient.”

This was the worst injury of James’ career, and the star explained that it took some getting used to.

“You gotta understand, I’ve never been injured before like that,” he continued.

“The most I’ve ever sat out was two weeks.

“I broke my wrist when I was in high school as a junior.”

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