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That’s according to Fox Sports analyst Jason McIntyre, who thinks Luke Walton should be fired immediately as Lakers head coach after the 131-120 loss.

Los Angeles threw away a chance to improve their record to 31-31 and build momentum for a playoff push, squandering a late lead at Staples Center.

The Lakers gave up a 15-2 run across the final two-and-a-half minutes of the final quarter to undermine what had been an impressive performance until that.

And NBA analyst McIntyre did not hold back in his criticism of much-maligned coach Walton and Lakers leader LeBron, who stormed off court with over 14 seconds remaining.

“What I saw at the end of the game was just disgusting,” he told Fox Sports Radio.

“The Lakers, playing the best team in the NBA record-wise, were phenomenal for three quarters, led by 12. 

“Then at the end of the game, with the ball up two, two-and-a-half minutes left and they absolutely choke the game away. Luke Walton gagged on the sideline. 

“I don’t even know why Luke is still sitting there at this point. It’s a formality, he’s done. 

“I’m surprised it didn’t happen after the game. The Lakers gave up an 11-0 run at home and LeBron walks off the court.”

McIntyre thinks LeBron – a three-time NBA champion – has no right to show what he believes was such disrespect to the franchise having yet to win a title in southern California.

He added: “I was a little disgusted by what I saw from LeBron, there were 14 seconds left and he just flat-out walks off the court. Show some respect to the greatest franchise in NBA history. 

“You haven’t won a title yet, you’re under .500, you’re about to miss the playoffs – can you at least wait a little bit? 

“Watching it was like, do you not want to be with these guys on the court? Do you not want to be with this coach? I couldn’t believe it. 

“If Steph Curry wants to do that after a tough loss, the guy has won a couple titles here in the last few years. LeBron, you can’t do that. 

“You’ve been in L.A. for 10 minutes and you say, ‘Ah, I’m out!’ Show some respect to the purple and gold.”

Walton’s team are 3.5 games back on the LA Clippers, although it had been suggested the Lakers’ Staples co-habitants would deliberately miss the playoffs to avoid giving up their pick to the Boston Celtics.

And McIntyre paid tribute to the work being done by Clippers coach Doc Rivers.

“The Lakers blew the game and they are going to miss the playoffs because they can’t catch the Sacramento Kings and the Clippers,” he continued.

“Did you look at who the Clippers have been starting the last few games? They’re starting two rookies, one of them who just got to the franchise via trade, the Lakers’ third-string center Ivica Zubac, Patrick Beverly and Danilo Gallinari. 

“Doc Rivers is winning everything with them. Rivers is going to be a Coach of the Year finalist and Luke Walton is going to be unemployed. 

“Walton did a great job last year, overachieving with 35 wins and a young roster, but he’s been an abject failure this year.”

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