LeBron James: Lakers WORRY revealed following Clippers loss… but fans disagree | Other | Sport


The Lakers are having a disastrous season and slumped to a 105-113 defeat against the Los Angeles Clippers on Monday night.

Calls have been growing for James to be dropped on account of his lacklustre defensive work and Bayless is adamant that time is finally catching up on the veteran NBA sensation.

“When Michael Jordan was 34, which is LeBron’s age right now, remember Michael was winning the scoring title, he was First Team All-Defense and won Finals MVP,” Bayless told US news outlet FS1.

“His energy was still high at 34 even though he’d been able to take a couple of years off.

“Lebron’s energy is waning at 34. I just don’t see the same guy.”

Bayless’ co-host Shannon Sharpe, however, vehemently disagreed with his colleagues assessment.

“The guy played 42 minutes on a Monday night against the Clippers!” Sharpe retorted.

“You can’t be like: ‘well, Magic never missed a playoff in his prime and Bird never missed…’

“Well, Magic never had less than three hall of famers on his roster.

“It’s the same with Larry Bird – never less than four.

“Michael, in that last time around, Dennis Rodman did lead the rebounds for all three years in Chicago.

“Scottie Pippen – and I don’t care what you say about him – he was till voted top 50. A top 50 player.

“Which one of these guys LeBron played with last night is ever going to make first-team All NBA or be in the hall of fame?”

Users on Twitter were quick to back up Sharpe and defend James’ performances.

James, who has won three NBA titles, has reached the Finals for the last eight years in a row.

“I wonder why Skip? Maybe because he played in the NBA after high school,” one fan said.

“Maybe because of the number of games he played without rest or retiring. There’s a lot of maybe Skiiip. But I’ll stop there.”

Another added: “Tell the other side of the story. Tell the people what was Micheal Jordan doing in year 15 and 16.

“Year 15 he was losing with the wizards. And 16 nothing because he only played 15 seasons.

“And also remind the people that Jordan retired not once but twice. Took years off. Not LBJ.”

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