LeBron James ‘Instagram’ claim made after Michael Jordan record break | Other | Sport


That is the opinion of The Ringer’s NBA expert Haley O’Shaughnessy.

This week, James passed NBA legend Michael Jordan in the all-time leading scorers list.

He moved into fourth place behind Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, having scored 33,311 points in his 16-year career.

But he faced some criticism in the aftermath from NBA fans due to the fact that he scored his 33,311th point in a defeat against the Denver Nuggets on Wednesday night.

The Los Angeles Lakers have been poor this season and look set to miss out on the playoffs.

If they do fail to reach it, it’ll be the first time in 13 years that James has not led a team to the post-season.

And some fans called out the star for congratulating himself while his team was doing so badly.

But O’Shaughnessy explained that she felt sorry for the star and believes he has earned the right to do whatever he wants on social media.

“I feel bad for him,” she said on The Ringer NBA Show podcast.

“You’ve worked for this for your entire career.

“You’re hitting these milestones at 34-years-old, you’re still very much at full strength.

“Maybe this season you could say he took a mini, tiny step back because of the groin, right? There’s even some speculation as to whether he’s fully healthy now.

“But he’s still going, he’s passing all these people on the lists, and he’s still doing what he’s always done through his career which is blow all expectations completely out of the water at the earliest age.

“He can’t post on Instagram because he’s not winning? He’s got Lance Stephenson, JaVale McGee and three young dudes by his side.

“I feel terrible for him because of that.”

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