LeBron James accused of TAMPERING in NBA All-Star Draft for THIS pick | Other | Sport


The NBA All-Star teams are now set after both James and Antetokounmpo made their picks in the inaugural draft show.

Fans were clambering to see who the two captains would pick and in what order.

There will be a number of sub-plots to the players both LeBron and Giannis selected.

James was desperate to have Ben Simmons on his team, despite Giannis selecting him.

And the two agreed to trade with Russell Westbrook heading to Team Giannis in place of Simmons.

But one of the most interesting sub-plots was going to be Anthony Davis.

The Lakers missed out on a trade for Davis before the deadline, but are expected to try again in the offseason.

Both Davis and James share the same agent – as well as Simmons – and reports have suggested the Lakers star is trying to do all he can to get the Pelicans superstar to join him at the Staples Center.

And James wasted no time in selecting the 25-year-old with his first pick out of the reserve pool.

Ernie Johnson jokingly asked James whether he was “sure” he wanted Davis as his team-mate.

To which the 34-year-old replied, “You know, I’m very sure of that” before letting out a laugh.

Then Antetokounmpo stepped in to joke, “Isn’t that tampering?”

And the entire studio cracked up, with James adding: “Tampering rules do not apply on All-Star weekend.”

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