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Second-year guard Lonzo was one of several young players offered up by the Lakers as they looked to recruit Pelicans superstar Davis before the deadline.

The trade talk seemed to have a negative effect on L.A.’s roster when they were beaten by 42 points at Indiana earlier in the week, although they recovered for a huge buzzer-beater win at the Boston Celtics on Thursday night.

Earlier the same day, the Lakers failed to get a deal done for Davis with New Orleans not satisfied by any of their trade packages and demanding an extortionate offer including six players and in excess of six draft picks.

But Lonzo’s father, LaVar Ball, insists the 21-year-old will not sulk despite the Lakers making it known that he might not have a long-term future with the organisation.

That’s despite president of basketball operations Magic Johnson previously claiming Lonzo would be “the new face of the Lakers” to lead them back to the glory days.

LaVar told Colin Cowherd on Fox Sports’ The Herd: “Lonzo goes with the flow cause he’s cool like that. 

“What I’m saying is he’s not going to have an attitude. 

“He’s going to have his own feelings but he’s not going to speak out like me. He’s going to whatever y’all want to do with him. 

“When Luke takes him out, he’s going to sit at the end of the bench like, ‘Okay he took me out.’ 

“But in his mind he’s going to be like, ‘I need to be playing a whole game, let me finish this.’ 

“But he’s not going to show no attitude or do anything like that. If you put me on the bench I might stop at the coach like, ‘For real?’ That’s just how I am. 

“Lonzo is different. The attitude is not there. They’ve been cool and sheltered by me a long time. 

“Lonzo’s like this, ‘If you got me and you want me to play, I’ll do it, if you ship me off, okay that’s fine I’ll go to my next step.’’”

Shortly after the deadline passed, Lonzo took to Instagram and posted a clip to his story with the song ‘Bad Boys For Life’ by P.Diddy which included the lyrics: ‘We ain’t, going nowhere, we ain’t going nowhere.’ 

LaVar also made an appearance on Fox Sports’ Undisputed, claimed the Lakers and LeBron James need Lonzo at Staples Center.

He said: “I told the Lakers a long time ago, if you trade my son it will be the worst thing you ever did,” 

“I guarantee you, they trade my son then they will never get a championship.

“Because what they’re trying to do is… get all these players thinking, ‘okay you’re going to win a championship’.

“They trying to do it like this where they getting all these players. It ain’t the players, it’s the coach.

“You don’t have the coach, you out of luck so you can get as many players as you want.

“If you don’t have a system, or you don’t understand what you’re getting ready to do, you’re not going to win. You can get everybody that’s good.

“LeBron James without Lonzo is not going to win a championship in L.A. I can guarantee that.”

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