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That’s according to John Wilmes of Deadspin, who suggests the recent Anthony Davis trade saga is one of many reasons Simmons may look to join the Lakers in the near future.

Simmons is quietly enjoying a solid year with the Philadelphia 76ers, averaging 17 points, nine rebounds and 7.8 assists per game.

But due to Philadelphia’s trade acquisitions of Jimmy Butler and Tobias Harris, the 22-year-old has been taken out of the limelight.

Still, Philadelphia are among the favourites to reach the NBA finals in large part due to Simmons’ consistency on the court.

He will likely be offered the max rookie extension in 2020, which would be the same five-year deal that Joel Embiid signed two years ago.

But Wilmes believes there are already some giveaways which suggest it may not all be that simple for Philadelphia to keep their star point guard.

Simmons, like Davis, is signed with Klutch Sports and the agency powerhouse have taken over the NBA in recent years.

Wilmes reports that Klutch are an “unusually bold agency” in the NBA, pushing player power even more.

And he suggests Philadelphia may have a battle on their hands to keep the Lakers at bay.

“It is clear that the Lakers’ president of basketball operations, Magic Johnson, is extremely into the prospect of this particular future,” he writes.

“Simmons himself appeared to wish for it during the 2016 NBA Draft Lottery—in One & Done, he is shown watching the broadcast of the event and miming his hypothetical reactions if either the Sixers or the Lakers got the first pick and the right to sign him.

“When he imagines the Lakers getting it, he celebrates; when he imagines going to the Sixers, he shrugs wryly.

“Earlier in the movie, a Lakers blanket is visible in the background of his apartment.

“Currently, he dates L.A.-based famous person Kendall Jenner. You can decide what this all means.”

There have been reports throughout the season of chemistry issues between Simmons, Embiid and Butler.

Philadelphia will have a big decision to make this summer when both Butler and Harris enter free agency, but it has been suggested they will try and keep both players.

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