Lakers nearing trade ‘within the next few days’ and it’s NOT Davis | Other | Sport


That’s according to ESPN’s NBA insider Brian Windhorst.

Anthony Davis is the headline-grabbing deal that the Lakers are looking to secure in the coming days but moving for the New Orleans Pelicans big man will require them to sacrifice up much of their current roster.

And it has been claimed by multiple reports that the Lakers are looking to improve their shooting with their three-point shot percentage among the worst in the league.

Detroit Pistons’ Reggie Bullock, Terrence Ross of Orlando Magic and the Miami Heat’s Wayne Ellington are among the wings linked with the Lakers.

Free agent Carmelo Anthony has also been linked to L.A.

But Windhorst believes Parker – from the Chicago Bulls – has been the subject of talks.

The Lakers could look to do a deal which sees sixth-year guard Caldwell-Pope go the other way, given he has not been involved in talks for Davis with the Pelicans and was the piece the Lakers would have used in a deal to acquire Trevor Ariza at the end of last year. 

However, Caldwell-Pope has the power to veto any trade he could be involved in.

“Caldwell-Pope is available and has been floated out there for some spots,” he told The Hoop Collective on ESPN Radio.

“One place that they have talked to, now I’m not saying this deal is going to get done, but one place they have talked to is Chicago for Jabari Parker. 

“And the thing about this is that Caldwell-Pope has to approve of a trade. They have to run it through him. I’m not sure that’s going to get done but that’s been discussed. 

“It doesn’t work straight up. The Lakers would have to put something else in that deal. They’re not going to put something in that would affect their offer to New Orleans. 

“Maybe changing out some faces in the locker room wouldn’t be the worst idea there just because they want to make the playoffs this year.

“The Bulls really like Caldwell-Pope. Parker could be a Laker within the next few days. Jabari is a polarising player but he might be interesting on the Lakers. 

“I think the Lakers, they’re in 10th place right now and they have champagne dreams but this team wants to make the playoffs.

“Don’t be surprised if they do something with Caldwell-Pope to try to boost their roster.”

Caldwell-Pope – who is being paid $12million for his one-year contract in Los Angeles – is averaging 10.3 points per game for the Lakers this season and makes the joint-third most three-pointers per game on the roster behind LeBron James and Kyle Kuzma. 

But his minutes have dropped at Staples Center compared to last season and it is believed his representation want to move him on.

Parker meanwhile is unwanted in Chicago and while he has a worse three-point percentage than Caldwell-Pope, the former No 2 pick has averaged 14.3 points for the struggling Bulls this year and is shooting 47.4 per-cent from the field.

The 23-year-old’s deal earns him $20m this season but the Lakers have a $20m team option for the 2019-20 season.

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