Lakers in DISARRAY: LeBron James friends provides secret insight to Luke Walton issue | Other | Sport


The Lakers’ season has been rocked by controversy throughout with Luke Walton facing increasing pressure along with the injuries to LeBron James, Rajon Rondo and Lonzo Ball.

The Anthony Davis trade saga also added further drama for the Lakers in a season in which they are now battling hard for a playoff spot.

And Jefferson believes all those issues have created a difficult environment for the Lakers to succeed this year.

“With the Lakers, you just see there is instability with Luke’s job,” he said on the Bucher & Friends Podcast.

“People are questioning whether or not Magic Johnson really knows what he’s doing.

“There’s instability because Rob Pelinka and Magic have never put a team together.

“You have LeBron James and his injury, where they were in a great spot before he got injured and before Rondo got injured.

“They beat the Warriors on Christmas Day and they were fourth in the West and they were playing great, then their two veteran leaders got injured in the same game.

“When I look at this situation, I don’t think we’re seeing the end of LeBron James. We all know that eventually that’s coming. We’ve all marvelled at his ability to defy father time, similar to Tom Brady.

“But what I see is a guy that doesn’t look 100 per cent healthy.

“I see not a lot of connectivity between the young guys and old guys.

“I see, from up top and down low, a lot of people searching for the answer.

“That trade deadline messed up three teams. It messed up the Celtics, who weren’t even able to make a trade… then you talk about what it did to the Lakers and then obviously the Pelicans are in disarray.

“Three teams got messed up because of the inexperience across the board in that one situation.

“When you look at ‘Bron being injured, I think you look at the construct of their team.

“If they weren’t healthy throughout the year, and no one expected LeBron to be injured because that’s not what he does, then they were going to struggle anyway.

“For all these people that say, ‘give me one example of Luke being a good coach’.

“Wait a second, every year his teams have got better. There’s never been any problems inside their locker room in the last three years that he’s been coach given all the drama.

“All of this goes into a pot and you’re like, ‘something is just off’.

“It’s not one thing, it’s a combination of a multiple things and you can just see it’s causing disarray.”

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