LA Rams Super Bowl tactics to beat New England Patriots REVEALED | NFL | Sport


That’s according to NFL expert and former star Bucky Brooks who expects a tactical masterclass from the rookie chief.

McVay, 33, is only in his second season with the NFC heavyweights.

But despite his relative youth, he has been a revelation and hasn’t been afraid to make bold calls with his plays.

Brooks is adamant McVay will deploy the same strategy in the Atlanta showpiece.

“Absolutely, we’ll see something early,” Brooks told Move the Sticks podcast.

“I think we’ll see a trick play.

“Not only on offence, but i think we could see something sneaky in the kicking game.

“The Rams actually jump started their efforts in the NFC Championship game by running a fake punt.

“I would expect them to do something funny.

“Some shenanigans somewhere in the kicking game – maybe a reverse on a punt, maybe a throwback.

“Something that kind of changes the game because that’s been the norm for the Rams.”

McVay says he can’t wait to pit himself against the Patriots.

“To play against the Patriots is a great challenge,” he explained earlier this week.

“You look at the amount of appearances that they’ve had, the consistency at which they’ve performed, it’s not a surprise.

“They’re a great challenge to prepare for because they do such an excellent job specific to each week.

“But one of the things that you consistently hear is good teams don’t beat themselves.

“And they’re a great team because they never beat themselves.

“You never see the Patriots beat themselves.

“They handle situations, their big-time players make plays at the most opportune moments, and they handle adversity extremely well.

“I think that consistent belief and expectation that ‘we’re going to find a way’ is a really powerful thing.”

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has led his side to the Super Bowl for the ninth time.

McVay, in contrast, has just 26 wins to his name as a head coach.

The Patriots also have 36 players with Super Bowl experience – including the legendary Tom Brady.

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