Kevin Durant AND Kyrie Irving could join Knicks after Kristaps Porzingis trade – NBA insid | Other | Sport


That is what NBA expert J.E Skeets believes.

The Knicks let Porzingis leave on Thursday in a multi-player trade, with two other stars leaving the Knicks in exchange for three Dallas Mavericks players.

Dennis Smth Jr, DeAndre Jordan and Wesley Matthews will join the Knicks, in return for Courtney Lee, Tim Hardaway Jr and Trey Burke.

It is believed that the Knicks allowed Porzingis to be traded in order to free up salary space ahead of the summer free agency period, meaning they could chase two-big name stars to revolutionise the franchise.

Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Klay Thompson are all expected to enter free agency, and the Knicks reportedly want to sign at least two of them.

And Skeets explained that the Knicks must believe that they can get them, or else they wouldn’t have made the move.

“I see what they’re doing here,” he said

“Maybe they don’t believe in KP coming back from this ACL.

“But it’s the Knicks.

“And sure, if they get a Durant, they get a Kyrie, maybe it’s different.

“But what happens when they don’t get the number one pick in Zion [Williamson] and they have Tobias Harris at the fourth pick, and they’ve given up KP.

“That’s the crazy part.

“Especially when they could have still created cap room to get some of these guys, at least one of these guys to pair with Porzingis. That’s the wild part to me.

“Maybe they know something we don’t know.”

The Knicks may be unlikely to get any of their top targets, however.

Irving is rumoured to be more interested in a move the Los Angeles Lakers this summer instead of a move to the Knicks.

And Durant is heavily expected to sign a new deal with the Golden State Warriors.

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