John Cena: WWE legend reveals the origin of his new finishing move ahead of WrestleMania | WWE | Sport


Cena spent a big chunk of last year in the world’s most populous country where he filmed the action thriller Project X-traction with legendary martial artist Jackie Chan.

The Champ trained in the Jackie Chan stunt team training centre where he cut weight, got even more shredded and learned Bajiquan, which is a faster and more defensive Kung Fu style.

The Leader of the Cenation was fascinated with Chinese culture and decided he wants to honour it in the WWE ring with a new finisher he was taught.

The 16-time world champion’s latest move sees him hitting his opponents with a backfist immediately after he delivers the Attitude Adjustment.

Professional wrestling is not yet prevalent in China but the ex-WWE Champion is trying to bridge that gap and that is why he is also learning Mandarin.

Cena told Uproxx: “So I wanted to use some of the things that I learned in training with the stunt team and incorporate in my offensive move set to pay respect and homage to my wonderful time in China.

“So the guys taught me a little bit of Bajiquan and it’s a very fast, very defensive Kung Fu mechanism which is meant for close quarter stuff.

“And I just kind of modified it a little bit and came up with the Lightning Fist.

“Shandian quantou is a really cool name in Mandarin and I’m surprised I call it Lightning Fist because I always call it shandian quantou.

“That’s also another conscious choice to make sure that the culture knows that I respect what I learned over there and I’m constantly trying to move that bridge forward.”

Cena is now in Vancouver filming his next comedy movie Playing with Fire with the likes of Keegan-Michael Key and John Leguizamo.

The former World Heavyweight Champion’s status ahead of WrestleMania 35 is still uncertain.

Reports suggest the filming of his next picture won’t end until April 1, which is a week before WrestleMania.

Mania takes place on April 7 at the MetLife Stadium in New York.

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