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Hoddle was left in a serious condition after suffering a heart attack on his 61st birthday at the BT Sport studios.

The former Tottenham, Chelsea and England manager was playing teqball with Paul Ince and Robbie Savage shortly before falling ill.

But after over four months away, Hoddle has now returned to his role as a TV pundit.

He was at Stamford Bridge for the first leg of Chelsea’s Europa League last-16 clash against Dynamo Kiev.

Presenter Jake Humphrey welcomed Hoddle back by saying: “A pleasure to have your company and a particular pleasure to welcome back a good friend our ours.

“Look, four months ago we were worried we might not see him again and now here he is in a TV studio with us.

“We’re all delighted but I guess there’s no one happier than you to be here.”

And Hoddle replied: “Without a shadow of a doubt. Very lucky man but great to be back, working with you guys.

“I’ve been watching lots of football on the tele, watching you, but lovely to be here. Looking forward to it.”

Hoddle, who has previously stated he believes his heart attack was because of a heart condition inherited from his father, gave his first interview since the incident in February.

Speaking to Savage, Hoddle said he cannot remember a lot of what happened.

“I’m doing alright, it’s been three and a bit months. It’s been tough,” he said.

“What’s the chances of what happened? It was a normal day, I felt fine and travelled into the studio. I remember saying ‘I’ll see you at 5.30’ and the rest is a little bit of a blur.

“I can’t remember any of that at all [being on the show]. I remember you and [Paul] Ince walking towards me with a birthday cake.

“I can’t remember the teqball match at all. You didn’t beat me did you?”

“I just thank God I was in the studio at that time with Simon [Daniels] there and a defibrillator there.

“I could have been on my own and I wouldn’t be sitting here today.”

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