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Fighting with My Family tells the incredible true story of Paige, a wrestler from Norfolk. Paige changed the face of wrestling for women at the young age of 21. The film sees Florence Pugh take on the role of Paige to critical acclaim.

Who is Paige?

Paige, born Saraya-Jade Bevis, is the daughter of professional wrestlers Patrick Bevis and Julia Hamer-Bevis, and was introduced to wrestling at an early age.

But as a child, Paige shied away from the spot, according to a WWE exclusive interview.

Paige said: “I couldn’t really get a grasp on wrestling at a young age.

“I knew it was what my parents did, and they fought people.

“It scared the c**p out of me, so I thought, ‘No, I can’t do that, I’ll get beaten up!’

When she finally got her chance with the WWE, her first audition didn’t go as planned.

“I tried my best to be what I thought they wanted me to be.

“I went and I tanned, I dyed my hair, I took out all of my piercings, I wore colour — I think it was a blue dress — I just wasn’t being me.”

But the WWE saw she wasn’t being herself, and Paige wasn’t selected.

On her next go, Paige explains: “This time, I was going to go as myself.

“I refused to be just like anyone else. I thought, ‘I’m gonna be me, and I’m going to be successful as me.'”

And she was successful. But she didn’t have the unmitigated support of everyone back home…

“So many people told me that I wasn’t pretty enough to be there, or that I wasn’t good enough. And I’ve had people hold me back,” Paige explained.

Paige debuted on the WWE main roster in April 2014.

In her debut match as part of the main roster, she won the Divas Championship.

This win made her the youngest champion in the title’s history at the age of 21.

Of Florence Pugh’s portrayal, Paige said: “To be thrown into the deep end like this, she did a great job.”

Speaking to Collider, she said: “I wasn’t surprised about the reviews.

“The surprising thing is just how many people loved it.”

Fighting with My Family is now playing in cinemas.

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