Captain Marvel: ‘Are you Carol’s MOM?’ Annette Bening squirms over TWIST rumour on live TV | Films | Entertainment


The acclaimed actress has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe for a role in the upcoming Carol Danvers caper, which stars Brie Larson as the titular hero. Bening was recently revealed to be playing the Supreme Intelligence but there are rumours online suggesting her role doubles-up as Carol’s mother. While Bening has previously teased that there’s more to her involvement than meets the eye, she hadn’t previously spoken out on this particular theory.

But while appearing on GMA on Thursday, she was directly confronted with the big question.

“Even your character was a really big secret until fairly recently, right?” a presenter asked.

“You’re playing – the word is out now – Supreme Intelligence, but theres a lot of speculation out there.

“Fans are wondering if you might also be Captain Marvel’s mom, dare we ask? Might we get a little hint here?”

Bening kept coy as she said only: “I can neither confirm nor deny.

“But I will say that there is more than what we revealed.

“I am the Supreme Intelligence; I am a God-like entity Of course!

“And I did consult with my kids so they could explain what the history of that is.

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