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The staggering figures are even more shocking since they don’t take into account the revenue from home entertainment packages. The recent release on digital download and streaming smashed the opening week record set by Avengers Endgame, so the figures reported here could rocket again. What could surprise many more than anything is the remarkable amount that Mary Austin will make, even though she has not been involved in the film.

How Much Will Queen and Mary Austin Make?

was made for a relatively modest £40million. With worldwide box office now over £650million that represents a staggering profit.

The studio is expected to bank half of the profits after marketing and distribution costs which leaves an incredible windfall for the three surviving members of Queen, as well as Freddie’s main beneficiary, Mary.

Expanded from the first estimates in January, the three surviving members of Queen – Brain May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon – stand to make around £70million each. Deacon also had nothing to do with the film but a major report revealed all Queen-related profits have been split four ways ever since Freddie’s death.

Freddie’s share used to be split 50/50 between Mary Austin and his family. Following the deaths of both his parents, Mary is said to now receive their share, leaving the remaining 25% to the star’s sister, Kashmira Cook.

This means Mary Austin could make as much as £45million from the proceed of Bohemian Rhapsody, with the Queen bandmates each pocketing up to £70million.

How Much Are The Queen Members Worth?

This latest windfall will make a significant difference to the band members’ wealth. The 2018 Sunday Times Rich List valued May’s fortune at £135million, Taylor’s at £130million and Deacon’s at £105million.

How Much Did Freddie Leave Mary Austin in his will?

Despite living his last years with a man, Freddie always regarded Mary as his common-law wife. He famously wrote Love Of My Life For Her. She was there throughout his final days and only she, not his family, knows where his ashes are scattered.

Freddie left Mary his West London mansion, where she still resides, as well as much of his £9million fortune.


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