Avengers Endgame theory: Hawkeye by Reality Stone in Thor Dark World | Films | Entertainment


Last Sunday the Super Bowl spot teased thirty seconds of the secretive new movie. And now one fan reckons they’ve spotted a huge spoiler in the shot of Hawkeye. Reddit user ak2sup writes: “Since I watched the TV spot, I’m wondering about ‘what Hawkeye is looking at so seriously and where he is at all?’ And most important thing is that Clint is Hawkeye here and not Ronin that means he has already dropped his Ronin identity after Black Widow recruits him from Japan [in the first Avengers Endgame trailer] and has joined the team officially again.“

They continued: “But, that Hawkeye scene though? Look at that red light and the dark surrounding atmosphere, it does look like [the] same place where Jane Foster discovers the Aether/Reality Stone in Thor The Dark World.

“Looking at Clint’s facial expression, it’s clear that he is anxious about whatever he is looking at. I believe that Hawkeye time travelled through [the] Quantum Realm and he is tasked with collecting [the] Reality Stone so, this is what he doing here.

“I mean just think about it, no one looks at any light with that expression and I’m sure he is looking at the Aether. Even the surrounding area matches with [the] Aether’s location in Thor 2.”

Certainly looking at footage of Natalie Portman’s Jane in Thor The Dark World, it’s a very similar colouring to the one of Hawkeye in the Avengers Endgame spot.

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