Antonio Brown: Raiders star Derek Carr makes plea to bring in wideout | NFL | Sport


Brown has been linked with several organisations recently, with the Washington Redskins, the Tennessee Titans and most recently the New York Jets expressing interest in the 30-year-old.

However, it is Oakland who have been in the mix the longest.

And now the Raiders quarterback Carr has expressed his admiration of Brown’s abilities, while also pointing out that the seven-time Pro Bowler would be a welcome addition to the Raiders locker room.

It appears the Steelers have resigned themselves to parting ways with Brown and they reportedly want a first-round pick in exchange for the player.

And first-round picks are something Oakland have in abundance, as they currently hold several for the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft.

Speaking at a charity event for the Valley Children’s Hospital, Carr revealed the Raiders need more “talent” on their roster and hopes Brown will be joining their ranks for next season.

“I would imagine he’s definitely in play,” Carr said about Brown.

“I hope he’s in play. It would be great to add a guy like that to your team, talent like that.

“I don’t know what it’s going to cost. The contract stuff starts getting in the way and they got to figure out numbers and all that kind of stuff.

“I don’t really like the business side of football, but I just like adding good players to our football team.

“If it works out in the business side, I know the locker room will be arms wide open to accepting Antonio.”

Raiders coach Jon Gruden is well known for his admiration of veterans of the game and Brown’s personality wouldn’t appear to be a sticking point, as it might for some other coaches and organisations in the NFL.

But if any deal is to happen with Pittsburgh for Brown it’s expected to be completed quickly.

That is because Brown is due a $2.5million roster bonus on March 17, so many see this date as a soft deadline for any deal to be agreed.

Carr also stressed the importance of bringing in players who have a passion for football and Brown is known across the league for being a hard worker.

“We need more talent. We need some help, but at the same time, we want good people,” Carr added.

“When things are tough in training camp; when things are tough in season; when it’s good, you don’t want guys hitting too high or too low or depressed. It’s just draining for everybody.

“One of the most important traits is they have to love football. There’s a lot of people out there who don’t love football, and I don’t want anything to do with those guys.”

Brown finished last season with 1,297 yards off 104 receptions.

He scored 15 touchdowns and had an average 12.5 yards per catch.

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