AAF: Fleet quarterback Mike Bercovici receives FEROCIOUS HIT in debut – ‘He was lit up’ | NFL | Sport


The former Arizona State quarterback took the hit while being completely unaware of what was about to happen.

The impact from Commanders linebacker Shaan Washington was so hard, it caused Bercovici’s helmet to pop-off and go flying through the air.

To make matters worse he also fumbled the ball, but that isn’t surprising given the force of the hit.

It was 1st & 10 for the Fleet in the opening quarter and they had the ball on San Antonio’s 42 yard line.

Bercovici dropped back and was looking upfield for pass.

Unbeknown to him Washington, who is 6’2” and 239lbs, comes rushing in from the edge and completely blind sided the quarterback.

The opening two games, Fleet verses the Commanders and the Atlanta Legends verses the Orlando Apollos, are being broadcast on US network CBS.

And the CBS commentators were impressed with the hit, they said: “He never saw the man coming and he was lit up.

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“My goodness. Shaan Washington with the stick.

“This has been the issue with Bercovici, awareness and ball security when pressure comes in the pocket.

“Wow he was completely blind sided.

“He had no Idea.”

Washington played for A&M from 2013-16. He had 269 tackles, 20.5 tackles for losses and 6.5 sacks in his college career.

After the play Bercovici got up and was seen running to the sideline after, but he did return to the game for the next series.

Bercovici had originally signed with the AAF side the Arizona Hotshots, but they didn’t protect him in the quarterback draft and selected Trevor Knight instead.

This is the debut season of the AAF – The Alliance of American Football.

It was founded by Charlie Ebersol and Hall of Fame general manager Bill Polian.

The focus of the league appears to be an up-tempo slimline style of football.

It is an eight-team league, which will runs until the championship game in Las Vegas on April 27.

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